NewsManager for Enterprise Content Marketing

Your Organisation's Content Marketing Strategy

The collection of ideas, plans, marketing mix, target audience, platform mix, destinations, events and overall messaging are some of the many parts to the organisations plan.
It is a multi-faceted, collaborative endeavour that requires constant review and frequent change.
And, as always - time is of the essence!

So where do we fit in?

Not here!

You are the experts on your company, and you are the best people to create your strategy, it is what your talents are there for.
But what you do need, is more time to spend on being creative and less time handling the workflow.

Assigning and Monitoring the Content Creation Process

Depending on the number of individual users involved in the end content, the process of assigning and then monitoring the progress of each component, can be time consuming and hard to document.
If an external PR company is involved, can you easily see what progress they have made?

So where do we fit in?

ECM is a cloud-based solution that allows many users to share content, and combine copy, images, graphics and AV files in one “Story”.
The application can also be used by your external agencies. You get to assign the brief, and then watch to see what has been created and how it moves through the approval process.
Content can be grabbed from a variety of sources - email attachments, RSS feeds, or even news agency news feeds.
In no time at all, you have a searchable, flexible system for curating all of your content.

Now Publish

Publishing today is a mix - and a mix that is changing all the time!
Publish destinations -
• Your own web page/blog page
• Upload to YouTube
• Press release to an agency
• Mention it on Twitter
• Post it on Instagram
• Refer to it using Linked-in

It takes time to do several of these things, using different systems, and with no record of what was done as a whole.

So where do we fit in?

From the one “story” within our application it is possible to publish different combinations (renditions) of the content mix to a range of destinations.
It can go to a printed press release, to your web site as a news page item or a blog entry, or even a podcast. To social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.


Create and Publish a component of the strategy

What sort of content mix?
 - Copywriting
 - Graphics/Images
 - Audio/Video

Who do you need?
 - Your own designers
 - Your contracted PR Company
 - Specialist video creator

So where do we fit in?

Our collaborative system is the perfect tool for the creation and publication of this content. Let's look at the steps.

Approving the Content

The review and approval process will be unique to each organisation - and perhaps even to functions within an organisation.
That said, it is an essential practice to ensure that whilst conveying a message that is powerful and attention grabbing, your published content is consistent with any corporate messaging standards, in order to reinforce your brand.
It must also be legal, decent and honest, so any approval process needs to be comprehensive, whilst at the same time being easy to use.

So where do we fit in?

The workflow is defined by you.
You say what the rules are, who has approval to create, edit and publish content.
You say who can see shared content.
You can gather as many graphics, images and AV files as you wish, even if they are not all used eventually.

Review Earlier Published Content

You want to publish something about the forthcoming annual event and would like to see what you did last year.
• Where is the content you used?
• Where did you publish it?
• Did you publish different versions?
• Do you want to re-use anything?

So where do we fit in?

Content is automatically archived based on your own rules. Searching through the archives allows you to not only see what content was used, but to see the whole publishing story.

Which social sites did you use, and would you want to change this now? Re-use content or modify the copy as you wish.