Welcome To Transtel

Transtel Communications Limited is an independent UK based company specialising in the design, development and implementation of news and content gathering, curating, distribution and publishing systems.

We have been suppliers to the international publishing industry for over 35 years and have built up a reputation as a premier supplier of quality professional news management systems.

You will still hear a radio announcer say "we have just heard over the wire". It refers to the way in which news used to be transmitted from agency to customer using fixed lines, the "news wires". If your organisation ever bought news from Reuters, AP, AFP, PA, chances are it used Transtel wire services, telefaxes or printers.

If you are old enough to remember Football results being printed out with a teleprinter, chances are it was a Transtel teleprinter.

The need to publish never changes, but where and how you publish changes constantly. Transtel keeps abreast of the needs of news organisations, PR departments and marketing teams to make sure we can provide what you need today, and into the future.


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